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Content Ownership
Updated over a week ago

Content ownership is a very important concept in Elium.

Each piece of content is owned by a single contributor. This contributor is responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of his or her content.

To help him in his task, Elium provides a whole range of tools, including expiration dates, content transfer and approval.

When a task is required on content, the content owner is notified first.

The content owner is identified by his avatar and name in the content header. In the example below, Brice Maron.

When other people contribute to the content, they are represented by a number. Example: "Brice Maron & 2 others". The aim is to keep the emphasis on the main owner while indicating that other people have contributed to the content.

You can click on the owner's name to display all contributors in a panel on the right. Once again, a distinction is made between the owner and the contributors.

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