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Offboard content when users leave.

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Transferring content from one user to another requires platform administrator rights.

Content transfer allows you to transfer ownership of content from a deactivated user to an active user. This is especially useful when a key contributor leaves your platform. Coupled with the expiration date, these two features allow you to keep your knowledge base up to date.

Activate the content transfer

The feature can be found in the administration panel under the "General" section.

Menu du transfert de contenu

The first part of the page displays all deactivated users ordered by the number of content they own. In order to activate the content transfer, the user must be previously deactivated.

The second part shows you the current transfers with the number of content still to transfer per successor.

A deactivated user can be reactivated at any time.

To start the process, click on the "Transfer Content" button of the deactivated user. You can then choose a successor for each space where the deactivated user has contributed.

Menu du transfert de contenu

The transfer of content is done in two different ways: either immediately by checking the "Force transfer" box or gradually by giving the hand to the successor.

Forcing an immediate transfer means that the ownership of all content will be transferred to the selected person. This person will be marked as the owner of the content.

The owner of a content is highlighted in the content header. In the example below, Raluca Brebeanu is the owner of the content. The owner of a content is responsible for updating it if it expires.

Menu du transfert de contenu

On the successor side

In case you did not check the "Force transfer" box, the selected user (i.e. the successor) will receive a notification explaining that he/she has to take ownership of the content.

A new item will appear in the successor's main menu on the left of the application.

In the screenshot below, the user has 71 content to review. By clicking on this menu, the user defined as successor can then preview the content he/she has to take ownership of.

Menu du transfert de contenu

He can then either select several content at once or click on each content to preview it before taking ownership.

If a content is no longer relevant, the successor may also decide to archive it.

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