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Configure your homepage
Configure your homepage
Updated over a week ago

🔒 Permissions

Only system admin can customize the platform homepage.

The new homepage interface provides several ways to customize the user experience.

Look and feel

You can customize several aspects of your platform: the main color, the platform name, the header color, the logo, etc.

Welcome box

The Welcome Box is one of the sections on the homepage, located in the upper-right side of the screen, instantly visible users when opening the platform.

Promoted content

As an administrator, you are able to promote one or several contents at the top of the homepage. These promoted contents appear on a blue background. They will remain at the top of the homepage until you remove them manually.

Promoted space (in development)

In order to personalize your homepage even more, we will soon offer the possibility to promote spaces. Spaces can be promoted in two different ways:

  1. In the navigation bar on the left

  2. In the middle column, via a larger representation card


The navigation bar has been reworked to host favorite spaces as well as promoted spaces. The system administrator can decide to promote a space in the navigation bar. This space will then be displayed directly under the main navigation for all users.

The location of promoted spaces in the new navigation.


A space can also be configured to appear more prominently on the home page and in the page grouping all the spaces of the platform.

This larger representation allows the display of a larger image, a description and the last three contents published in this space.

The goal is to draw the user's attention to this space, and also to make him understand that this space is more important than the others.

This is generally the case for public spaces where content must be distributed as widely as possible.

Favorite spaces (in development)

This time, it is the end user who has the control. He can decide to place one or more spaces in his favorites.

When a space is marked as a favorite, it is placed in the user's navigation bar, just below the promoted spaces, if there are any.

Placement des favoris dans la barre de navigation.

Smart feeds (in development)

Finally it is possible to define smart feeds that are displayed on the right side of the homepage.

Smart feeds allow you to define dynamic content lists. These lists can be configured via several parameters to display the desired content.

For example, it is possible to display all the contents of a certain template or containing certain tags ordered by publication date or last update date for example.

The home page can contain several smart feeds placed on top of each other.

Finally, it is possible to restrict the display of smart feeds to some teams only. In this way, the homepage can be customized to display specific content according to the teams.

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