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Setup the welcome box

Welcome your users with a message explaining the purpose of your platform.

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🔒 Permissions

Only System Administrators can change the content of the welcome box.

The Welcome Box is one of the sections on the homepage, located in the upper-right side of the screen, instantly visible users when opening the platform.

Here Platform Administrators can create a nice message for new and existing users. This can facilitate the onboarding of new users and improve the experience of existing ones. This message can include:

  • A description of the purpose of the platform

  • Key contacts of people in charge of managing the platform

  • Quick access links to different sections of the platform

Platform Administrators can use different types of formatting to edit this message (different colours, alignment, lists, callouts, quotes).

Messages can be set-up in all the languages available on the platform. For instance, if a platform is created for both English and French speaking users, they will only receive the message in the language they chose to access the platform.

See in this video how easy it is to personalise this message and mention a Story with detailed usage information or a person inside the platform.

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