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Only platform administrators can change the look and feel of the platform. This feature is available on the corporate and enterprise plans.

You can personalize several aspect of your platform: the accent colors, the platform name, the logo, etc.

In order to do so, go to the admin panel and click on the tab "Look and feel" under the "general" section.

There are 5 blocks allowing you to customize the look and feel of your platform.


The first block give you two options for your homepage. Content feed or space overview.

The content feed will show a feed of content cards ordered by publication date on your homepage. Pick this option when you have a few new content per day and when it's important for your users to know about every content published on the platform.

The spaces overview will show all the spaces available on the homepage. Pick this option when you have either a lot of content published everyday and the content feed is not practical anymore or if you want to use Elium as a static knowledge base.

Global theme

In this block, you can tweak Elium colors to make it fits your brand. Pick a name, an accent color and a color for your header.

You can even pick a color palette available in the editor so the contributors can easily use the colors of your brand in content.

Platform logo

You have three different options to show your logo in the top left corner of the platform. Either show only the name of the platform, a small squared logo or a large rectangle logo. It's a matter of preference but also it can depend on the shape of your company logo (square or rectangle).

Advanced settings

You can also pick a specific icon when users bookmark the platform in their browser or desktop. This option is very specific and not widely used.

Mailing settings

Finally you can choose which logo and sender name to use in the email sent by the platform.

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