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Can we do a space mention?
Can we do a space mention?
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🔒 Permissions

The right to mention a space is available to everyone.

By mentioning a space you can notify all its members directly from a comment or when creating a Story. It generates an immediate notification to:

  • the members of the space

  • all users subscribed to the content

To mention a space you search for the name of the space by preceding the search with the symbol @.


💡 Note

People affiliated to the space mentioned are not automatically followers of the content, as opposed to the individual mention.

Mentioning will only work if the content is shared with this space, either because it is public or because its visibility has been extended to the space you want to mention. Therefore prior access may have to be granted by means of permissions.

Through this function coordinators and administrators can easily communicate on the suggestion or opinion with their members, whether it concerns one-way communication or an appeal for feedback.

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