Affiliating users
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🔒 Permissions

Managing affiliations to a space is a right reserved for administrators of the space and for system administrators.

On the platform, you can affiliate users to spaces in several ways:

  1. From the platform settings

  2. From the space itself

1. Affiliate a user from the platform settings

From the "Users" tab

Affiliate a user
  1. Search for the relevant user using the dedicated search.

  2. Click on the options, then Spaces.

  3. Browse the list of spaces by checking the appropriate space(s).

  4. Change the user's role if necessary.

From the "Space" tab

Affiliate a user
  1. Click on Members once you have identified the space.

  2. Add one or more users, the team members or all the members of a specific space.

📝 Notes

All new members will have the default role you have defined in the properties of your space. If necessary, change the role of either user or a particular team.

2. Affiliate a user from the space itself

As the management of affiliations is also in the hands of the space administrators, the management of members is accessible from a wheel next to the name of the space or from the navigation menu.

The space administrator can then manage the affiliation of his members from the space in the "Members" tab.

Affiliate a user

📝 Notes

From the Overview or a group of spaces, users are informed of the relationship they have with the space, their role and the possibility that they might personally manage their affiliation to this space. In this way, certain spaces can be left or joined freely. Others cannot. And finally, some affiliations will be subject to their administrator's approval.

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