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Decrease the technical barriers
Decrease the technical barriers
Updated over a week ago

It is essential to reduce all barriers to entry so that technical reasons can no longer be used as an excuse. Have you thought about:

  • Install the link to the platform on the company intranet or on the collaborative portal.

  • Save the platform access link in the favorites of all computers

  • Propose the platform access icon in the desktop shortcuts of each workstation

  • Enable SSO (Single-Sign-On) to allow direct authentication without having to enter your password (Enterprise feature)

  • Synchronize with the company directory to offer pre-filled profiles to accelerate the arrival on the platform (Enterprise feature)

  • Check that each user is browsing an up-to-date browser (sometimes, necessary update on all workstations)

  • Make Elium the home page that opens when the browser opens every morning

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