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Clarify the positionning of the initiative
Clarify the positionning of the initiative
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If the interest of the approach is not clear, it will be more difficult to convince your target audiences. A few ideas can help to better clarify the interest of the approach and to better integrate it into the existing system:

  • Carry out the mapping of the company's tools, the objectives of each tool and what is in each of the tools. Then, consider clarifying the positioning of the various tools and, above all, a more logical grouping of content according to usage. - Offer this vision to your users to simplify their daily lives!

  • Differentiate audiences in terms of communication (what interests me is not what interests others). Put yourself in the shoes of your target audiences and communicate specifically what has been planned for them. For example: for an employee on a production line, the added value is access with the mobile application to machine cleaning procedures, while for HR at headquarters, it will be an opportunity to more easily distribute essential information to all employees.

  • Launch a campaign of testimonials from convinced users in a short video format, being convinced by your peers always has a stronger impact

  • Conduct a survey of the target population to understand the most commonly used uses and what they like or dislike, what they need or do not need. This will make the positioning of the tool clearer and more effective.

  • Present and defend the solution at various meetings to explain the use and perhaps encourage other departments/teams to join the process.

  • Conduct a survey that asks for the 5 essential information that employees need on a daily basis.

  • Involve the sponsor or management so that they use the platform as a real, more strategic vehicle for communicating information and clearly affirm the positioning/interest of the tool by demonstrating the added value by example

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