Actions to take after-launch
Updated over a week ago
  • The invitation email can be dropped, 3-4 days after the launch, remember to send an invitation back to all "Pending" people

  • Send educational messages to help users learn the tool. If you have a "Help" space with FAQs or some help, remember to highlight some of these contents by pushing them by email (newsletter or uploaded in the feed)

  • Highlight the new uses that the platform will allow and what the added value will be in their daily lives. Create your own stories that tell how the platform integrates into existing processes and what each person gains from it

  • Create a user guide with concrete examples so that users understand where to find the information they are looking for

  • List the types of content they can publish on the platform and make it an attractive communication, this will inspire people who do not see what they could post, which will be useful to all

  • Appoint facilitators/ambassadors per space so that they can act as a relay for your initiative. Identify those who are already posting a lot or who were the first to arrive in the platform and contact them

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