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Prepare your launch
Updated over a week ago

Marking the occasion on launch day can already give a good starting signal to the new approach, some ideas:

  • Choose a momentum that is based on a company event: strategic seminar, team-building day, annual conference, Christmas dinner, etc.

  • Organize an event dedicated to the process. It can be a morning of work/reflection on the issue of knowledge capitalization, strategic intelligence, collaboration and an afternoon that demonstrates the arrival of the tool to initiate new work processes

  • Organize a plenary conference with a word from the management to give the Go on the arrival of a new sharing dynamic. Some external guests may be present to present a more strategic and global vision of the approach.

  • Display on the home portal a video presentation of the tool that informs of the arrival of the new platform

  • On each desk, place a goodies in the colours of the new platform to mark the occasion. For example, offer a mug on the day of the traditional annual seminar with the name of the platform and a slogan to encourage people to connect

  • Posters with the QR Platform Access Code throughout the company during the launch week to give everyone the opportunity to connect quickly via mobile

  • Organize a corporate photo session at the reception desk to invite users to have a correct profile photo

  • Place small (Belgian) chocolates or cupcakes on the desks with an invitation message to join the process, a small slogan such as "take the time of a break to connect to elium". For our customer, the chocolates have also arrived in all decentralized work sites thanks to coordination with the cleaning teams!

  • Stick posters on toilet mirrors with a circle on the face with this message: "From now on, also have your profile on Elium"

  • Place smoothies, cakes, fruit printed with the platform logo in the cafeteria or common area to intrigue and promote the tool

  • Display messages on screens in offices, corridors, etc.

  • Display messages on the home page of each computer on the day of launch

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