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Find original uses that surprise and/or amaze:

  • Photo contest to vote for your favorite photos that will decorate the offices

  • Sprint of sharing on a theme in order to give a specific deadline for contribution on a single topic

  • Photography of stand/radius/production in your business, people like concrete information related to their daily work

  • Presentation sheets for new recruits. For each new recruit, create a short story with a photo, passions, old experiences, the journey of newcomers will be a content that will certainly interest everyone

  • Testimonial campaign of convinced users in a short video, being convinced by your peers always has a stronger impact and it will be a source of pride to come and watch this video online

  • Create a section "did you know? " to pinpoint some contents. In one space, this tab can present information that arises curiosity and differs from the mass of information found in the platform and build expertise on critical topics.

  • Make best-of by theme. In an environment where information is abundant, there is nothing like a selection of the best content. Gather the top news, the selection of the month, the best of the week or other concept that offers your users the opportunity to have in a few minutes, the essential information to read.

  • Valorize your latest achievements or those of your colleagues. Reflex to share a photo, a brief written feedback, a document that presents the project you are working on or collaborating on with a colleague.

  • Post photos of the events in which you are participating. The appeal of images is invaluable on social platforms. Remember to share some photos of an event, seminar, show, conference where you have been. Not only will it be fun in the flow of activity but it can also generate reactions and debates on the interest of your presence at this event. To go further, you can also share a brief feedback (REX) following your participation (positive points, negative points, advice for a future participation).

  • Consider transforming recurring questions into generic FAQs. This can be useful for all users and you will gradually get an interesting base of answers that will save you time.

  • Talk about your favourites for an article, a person, an image and don't hesitate to share it with your community.

  • Post press releases with the unreleased to be found on the platform: canteen menu, good hotel & parking tips, highlighting experts, birthdays, etc. Gathering and communicating on unique content is a real asset to convince

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