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Increase the number of High value content
Increase the number of High value content
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  • Make a map of the contents that people often look for and that are difficult to access, by means of a survey or interviews in order to gather these contents to centralize them in the platform.

  • Conduct interviews to understand what is not found anywhere else and what causes problems for business experts, people in the field.

  • Conduct a survey that asks for the 5 essential information that employees need on a daily basis.

  • Identify experts who would be willing to share their knowledge (short interview, small post on certain topics, more formalized procedures for expertise sheets) in order to create added value.

  • Identify "independent" watchers, those people who read and capitalize a lot of information in a more personal way and who might be enthusiastic about sharing it.

  • Ask for opinions on a variety of topics. Feel free to ask questions or ask for advice in the activity flow, the debate may interest more users than you thought.

  • Take up a news that impacts your business and make the link with your daily job. You can also ask the community for their opinion on the real consequences of what you have just shared

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