Educate your users
Updated over a week ago
  • When a user posts a vulgar, disrespectful or offbeat comment, prefer the deletion of the comment with a short email to the person explaining why their comment was removed. If necessary, refer to your user policy.

  • When a user posts a question but you don't know the answer, think about notifying another person who could help on this subject. It is never good to leave users without an answer!

  • When you post an article from your watch or an interesting file, always add a comment that explains the reason for this sharing or notify someone who is concerned. Basically, in your mind, you have certainly thought about the interest of this sharing for the community, formalize it for everyone, it gives context to your contribution!

  • When a user asks you a question or sends you a file via email, transfer the discussion or the file directly to the platform. This makes it possible to gradually change the habits and invite users to start using the platform and understand it's added value.

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