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  • Write short and understandable messages. The eye only scans the messages for a few seconds, it must be quickly attracted

  • Tell a simple story, feel free to use a very "narrative" style, put a character forward and use the time present in these stories instead

  • Add emotions to your contributions (humour, sadness, allusion, tribute, etc.), what you feel becomes more and more important

  • Use more adjectives, adverbs and superlatives. The "spoken" style likes words that add dynamics to the text

  • Preferably use the imperative and action verbs (give your opinion, join us, etc.)

  • Restructure and reinvent classic sentences, even if it means moving away from formal grammatical rules (change the order of words, play with punctuation, use metaphors, neologism and other tricks)

  • Propose a catchy question, the question mark often encourages action and reaction

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