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Formalise processes around the tool
Formalise processes around the tool
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Your initiative will only be a success if behaviours change around the tool, here are some tips to integrate Elium into your routine and establish the legitimacy of the tool :

  • Include the tool in the job description of certain key positions - sharing information and capitalizing on the company's knowledge

  • Include in the evaluation interview the mission to share, capitalize and collaborate to improve the company's intellectual capital

  • Include in strategic meetings a review of the platform in order to better report on the success of the approach

  • Dedicate a person to this approach (KM, Community Manager, Digital Transformation Officer, etc.)

  • Create events/meetings around the tool (communities of practice that meet every month and produce feedback, mission sheet to be completed at the end of a mission with clients, meeting of exchanges between watchers on targeted themes, etc.)

  • Remove old tools and habits to provide a single point of access and redesign the procedures that govern day-to-day work

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