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Give a sticky title to your content
Give a sticky title to your content
Updated over a week ago
  • The FAQ format : title takes the form of a question that users already want answered. Then, you offer readers your solution. For example : Do you have [this problem]? Check out these simple solutions or Why does [problem] happen? Mistakes you don’t realize you’re making…

  • Insider Info : Users like information from knowledgeable authorities, and so another smart strategy is to cite media experts. For example : How leading industry experts [accomplish important goal] Find out what they have to say… Edge out competitors with these 5 tips from [industry experts].

  • The Myth-Buster: Many articles clarify common misconceptions within an industry, and the myth-busting headline indicates that you have the right information. For example : Common misconceptions about [industry] that are holding back your [outcomes i.e. sales, conversions, opt ins, etc.] or 5 common strategies that actually hurt [outcomes i.e. customer relations, profitability, bottom line, etc.].

  • Top of the Charts: Users appreciate lists, because lists present information in an easily digestible way. Top 5 reasons [this problem happens i.e. customers are leaving you, your sales are dropping, your web traffic is declining, etc. ] and what to do about it or 10 ways to boost your [outcomes i.e. sales, leads, client conversions, etc.].

  • The Fear-Monger : Tapping into people’s fears are an effective way to garner interest in your topic. Often, these headlines will offer the reader a glimmer of hope. Is [industry i.e. the real estate industry, social media, coaching, etc. ] dying? How you can prepare. Are you paying too much for [service]? Be a smarter consumer with these 5 tips.

  • Emotional Appeal : Quite often, people feel compelled to click a link because it appeals to their sense of human connection. If you create content that engages people on an emotional level, make sure your headline matches. Your relationship with [social phenomenon ] is important. 5 ways you can [help reach goals i.e. engage potential clients, reach more customers, become more productive, etc.]. [Customer] shares his story of [how product improved his life]. Why people are talking about [current event] and what that means for [your industry]. For example: Why People Are Talking About the Presidential Election and What That Means for the Real Estate Industry.

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