Keep your activity feed busy
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The success of a platform depends in particular on its dynamism, identify content to post at a regular rate:

  • Post documents that are on your computer or on a shared drive but in a messy, unsightly way or that do not provide any feedback or reaction from readers.

  • Identify a few colleagues with retained knowledge and information that could be made public (personal watch, hard disk with documents on a subject, analytical skills or expertise on key topics, etc.).

  • Think about the content that everyone needs but is difficult to access, make it more accessible.

Keep in mind, that the contents in the platform must be:

  • Original, a little out of step and innovative compared to what we are used to find in content databases or on the intranet

  • A high added value for each of your target audiences, ask yourself, if I take 5 different people who have to come to this platform, what's in for me?

  • Familiar but the way they are presented offers added value or is more easily accessible than before (_for example: official presentation templates, company glossary, logos to be inserted in presentations, etc.)

  • Nowhere else to be found. For example, an expert who will have a space to share all his specialized intelligence that he did not share, the CEO who communicates through a direct channel with his employees (CEO Blog space)_

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