Challenge your spaces
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You started your platform with a few spaces, maybe that's too much or not enough? Perhaps it is time to create new ones?

Here are 5 useful criteria to think about your spaces:

  • Spaces related to the organization (department, division, business lines, teams, etc.): if sharing needs are felt at the level of teams, departments or business lines, identify the initiators and do not hesitate to open this type of space to encourage cross-functional collaboration. If your project was to break down silos or promote exchanges outside departments/jobs, close the spaces linked to the organizational structure in favour of more transversal spaces as mentioned below.

  • Spaces Location-related (site, geographical area of activity, offices): need to encourage discussions by country or site, these spaces will encourage transparency.

  • Spaces by subject: there is a need for your employees to exchange ideas on topics that are transversal to the company or strategic for the business (digital transformation, corporate social responsibility, new ways of working, etc.), regardless of function, location or experience.

  • Spaces by use ("community of practice" or "Market watch"): if there is a need to ensure a clear distribution of uses by space, do not hesitate to create communities of practice for transversal exchanges where everyone is a contributor, watch spaces to ensure reading spaces on cutting-edge topics, resource spaces to find procedures, rules, standards, etc.

  • Spaces per project (collaboration for a defined period of time): if some users need to exchange a large number of documents related to a specific project, do not hesitate to open project spaces, and close them as soon as the final deliverable is produced (deliverable that is interesting in sharing in a common resources space)

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