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Fill your platform with content and structure it

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What to do at this stage?

  • Adding high value-added content

  • Structure your platform to enhance this content

Once you have defined the structure of your platform, you will want to fill it with interesting content! Indeed, one of the key success factors of an initiative of this kind is to offer attractive, unique and useful content to your target audiences.

A few golden rules:

  • Never open a completely empty platform. Although your project may aim to create new communities of practice that do not yet exist, it is not recommended to create them simply, without content and hope that they will be filled.

  • Do not be satisfied with imports from the existing system. Even if it seems simpler to offer the same content as in the previous database, this will not be enough to create the novelty and "attract the chalant". Think about some new features, either in terms of ergonomics, the way the information is presented, the social possibilities around the content, or by really adding content that is not found anywhere else (we will explore this element in this article).

To fill your platform with content, several steps are to be followed:

Retrieve the existing and import/add it

What are the knowledge bases in your company (shared drive, folder, bases) that are widely used but do not provide complete satisfaction? Define the content that everyone is looking for but that is poorly organized, not very visual or offers few social opportunities. Insert them into Elium by presenting them more clearly or by offering new features. Grouped import solutions are available, do not hesitate to ask our teams for help.

Adding original content

Who are the experts in your company who capture information but do not share it? Identify the knowledge and information retained by some collaborators that could be made public, this will add value to what can be found in Elium. Also think about the content that everyone needs but can't be found anywhere (maybe you have to create it), which is locked in terms of access but could be open to everyone.

For example:

  • Glossary of company abbreviations and acronyms

  • The dictionary of terms specific to the field of activity

  • The presentation of new recruits (old job, training, hobbies, passions, personality, etc.)

  • The strategic objectives of each department/team

  • The results achieved by each department/team each quarter

  • Feedback from experience after project

  • Feedback after participation in conferences/events

  • Slides and opinions on the training courses offered in the company

  • Benchmarks on tools/competitors/products/services

  • Information synthesis documents to help users in their daily work (practical guides, glossaries, product prices, company specific acronyms, etc.)

  • Content posted by management/management (e.g. corporate values published by the CEO)

  • Information from management committees or concerning HR issues

  • Videos of interviews with some key people in the company

Dare to create content that is out of the ordinary

  • Post offbeat content that attracts users' attention. This will create waiting and a desire to return to the platform

  • Content published via "corridor noises" or in preview that can create interest for the user or news from the coffee machine (more informal knowledge shared by all)

  • "Absurd" scientific research

  • Quotes or sentences that encourage reflection

  • Contests/Quizzes/Treasure Hunts to learn where to find information in the platform and understand the added value of the tool

  • Tips and tricks videos with the most frequently asked questions on the platform. For example, you film your screen mouse that shows how to find content with certain tags, you record your voice over it and post this useful little video_

❗️Attention: Make sure that this remains within the vision and objectives of your project. It would be inappropriate to offer a classified ad space in a platform that aims to make all the group's official documents accessible.

Enhance these contents

It is not all about adding or importing them, you have to sublimate these contents. A few tips:

  • Give your content as clear a title as possible (short & powerful)

  • Try to write a hat/introduction/description at the beginning of the content with a few keywords that are different from those contained in the title

  • Add a thumbnail image or highlight the main document

  • Create tabs that will allow you to offer interesting filtered views on content (see next lesson) by product, theme, project stage, etc.

  • If you have imported a lot of content, think about mass archiving very old content to reduce noise in the search

  • Think of your spaces in terms of the content that should be most quickly accessible (for example: create a space for procedures and rules, a space for document templates if there are a large number of them)

  • Collect your content by creating "best of" content, thematic folders, FAQs, etc. in order to offer your users not scattered content but content that is relevant to their most frequent search

  • Use emojis to add a visual touch to your content

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