Manage Your Notifications
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Notifications generated on Elium are intended to keep you informed of a whole range of events:

  • comments, likes and updates on Stories you have added

  • comments on Stories you follow

  • mentions of your name in a comment or a Story

  • mention of a space name or team of which you are a member, in a comment or a Story (by a coordinator or administrator of the space)

  • affiliation to a space

  • new Stories in a space in which space notifications are activated (by an administrator)

Each user can define how they want to receive each notification. To manage your notifications, go to your settings.


Under the first section called "My account" on the left, click on "Notifications". You will be able to manage separately the different notifications and how you wish to receive them:

  • Via email

  • Via the mobile app push notifications

  • In-app: via the notification center (see further explanations below)

The notification center

The notification center corresponds to the 🔔 icon placed next to your profile picture like shown on the image below. The number displays the number of new unread notifications. Click on the 🔔 icon to access the notification center.

Notifications center

A pop-up window will appear and display your notifications, allowing you to access your list of notifications from anywhere on the platform without havint to switch pages. These notifications are segmented into three categories: unread, pinned and all.

  • The unread notifications, as the name suggests, are all the notifications you haven't clicked on. Once you've clicked on it, they will be considered as read and it will no longer show in the 'unread' category.

  • The pinned notifications are the notifications that you have manually selected and pinned from the list. It can be useful if you need to track or keep a sort of 'to-do list' of stories that need a follow-up action (read, comment, edit...). Pinned notifications remain pinned whether the story has been read or not. To remove pinned notifications, you need to do it manually.

  • And lastly, the 'all' category lists all your notifications in anti-chronological order.


(De)activating desktop notifications

When you receive your first notification, Elium asks you to authorize activation of desktop notifications. This is a service depending on your browser, allowing you to receive a notification on your computer screen even when you are not surfing the platform.

If Elium has not asked you this question yet, you can activate it from your settings.

If you have blocked this function at the time the system suggested it, you have to go through the preferences of your browser to unblock it and to authorize Elium to generate these notifications. You have to do the same if you want to deactivate these notifications.

  • In Chrome, visit page chrome://settings/content/notifications and add or withdraw the Elium URL.

  • In Internet Explorer Edge, click on Settings > Display advanced settings > Manage notifications

  • In Firefox, visit your preferences > 'Content' section > Notifications: about:preferences#content

💡 Notes

You can also manage the push notifications you receive from the Elium Mobile App. This affects personal mentions, space mentions and reading list notifications. Please be aware that the Mobile App needs to be connected to your platform and enable notifications in your smartphone settings.

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