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This email can be comprehensively enabled for all users (on request from our support), but also individually by every user from the preferences. It is intended to suggest to users new content of spaces to which they are affiliated and content shared by profiles they follow.

Activate your Digest

The system administrator controls whether to activate or disable the Activity Digest. He/She can initiate activation of the digest for all users.

Activity Digest is the name for emails automatically generated by the system at a given frequency, recapping all new shared Stories within a specific range. The activity digest recaps:

  • new Stories of a space to which the user is affiliated

  • new Stories shared by profiles the user follows

Stories are organized:

  • per group (Enterprise and Corporate functionnality)

  • subsequently by space

  • in chronological publication order

You can activate your digest from your settings.


💡 Notes

The activity digest does not display Stories updates or social actions (comments, likes, etc).

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