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🔒 Permissions

  • All users can see the versions of any Story. When a Story is protected, space readers can't access the versions anymore.

  • Only system coordinators and up, space coordinators and up and the content owner can delete versions.

  • Space contributors and up can restore a version.

A history allows you to identify previous versions. You can access it by clicking on the date below the name of the author of the content.

Access to versions

When you arrive on the versions page, it is possible to see all the changes made between two versions! Parts of the content with a green background mark the added elements and those with a red background mark the removed elements.

Access to versions

On this version page, you can perform two actions on previous versions of the contents:

  • Restore an old version: Select the version you want to restore and then click on the "restore" button at the top right. A restored version will be marked as such on the content, allowing you to keep track of the restoration.

  • Delete an intermediate version: This feature is very useful for deleting drafts that no longer make sense or for removing information that should not have been shared. This is done with the new button at the top right in the version view.

💫 Pro Tip

When you save your content in draft, this version is found in the content history as "Draft". This version is only accessible to persons with the role of contributor or superior in this space. Once the content is published, the version will be accessible to all users of the space.

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