Protected content

Deactivate the download of files and copy paste of content.

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🔒 Permissions

Any contributor can protect a content.

When content is put in protected mode, some restrictions apply to readers only. The purpose of this feature is to avoid data leak as much as possible.

🚨 Warning

It is impossible to guarantee that no data leakage will ever occur, even when the protected mode is activated. This is a first barrier. A malicious person who is really motivated will find a way around it.

To activate the protected mode, go to the general content settings in the editor.

When a content is protected, a dedicated badge is displayed right under the content title to signify that the content should not be shared.

In protected mode, the download buttons for files and images are no longer available for readers. It is also no longer possible to put the content in public mode.

In protected mode, the files no longer have a download button.

Printing, duplicating and version history features are no longer available for readers either.

Finally, it is no longer possible to select the text to copy and paste.

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