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Enhance, expand, correct, and translate text with AI ensuring high-quality content creation with ease.

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What's the Smart Editor?

The Smart Editor is a feature designed to enhance your writing experience within our platform. It leverages AI technology to assist in creating, refining, and optimizing your content with ease. Whether you're drafting brief content or composing extensive knowledge, Smart Editor is your go-to tool for elevating the quality of your writing.

How to Use Smart Editor

✍🏻 Note

Smart Editor is currently in beta. Apply here to activate it on your platform.

The Smart Editor is available whenever you are creating or editing content in Elium. Once you've highlighted a piece of your text, the AI Assistant will be displayed for you.

The Smart Editor assists you with several aspects that will be explained below :

1. Expanding Text

  1. Highlight the text you wish to expand within the editor.

  2. Click on the "Expand Text" option from the Smart Editor toolbar.

  3. The system will automatically generate additional content related to your original text. You can decide how you want to integrate the suggested content from the Smart Editor.

2. Improving Writing

  1. Select the text you want to improve.

  2. Choose the "Improve Writing" function.

  3. Smart Editor will suggest enhancements. Accept the suggestions you find suitable.

3. Fixing Spelling and Grammar

  1. Select the text you would like to verify.

  2. Smart Editor verifies the spelling and grammar and makes the corrections

4. Translating Text

  1. Highlight the text you need translate.

  2. Open the "Translate" option and select your target language from the dropdown menu.

✍🏻 Note

This option allows you to translate only a paragraph of your content. In Elium, you also have the option to translate your whole content automatically.

5. Summarizing Content

  1. For summarization, select the text you want to summarize.

  2. Press the "Summarize" button on the AI assistant.

  3. Choose the option of summarization you need: make it shorter, create a table, or create a list (bullet or numbered).

Pricing of the feature

For access to the Smart Editor, included within our Elium AI suite, please reach out to your Customer Success Consultant or email for a tailored pricing proposal.

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