Google Analytics
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About the integration

The integration between Elium and Google Analytics allows data from Google to be exported in Google Analytics and therefore, allows you to follow up more closely certain stats that you might not find by default on your platform.

📝 Note

The Google Analytics integration is only available on the Enterprise plan. To know what your current plan is, go to the Admin Panel then in the Billing section select the Plans tab. Your plan is highlighted.

Set up the integration

In the admin panel, select the Integration tab. In the Google Analytics card, activate the slider. Once it is done, you will see that you need to enter an identification code that you can find on your Google Analytics account:

To find the code, you can follow the steps described in this article.

Once you have the tracking ID, paste it in the "tracking ID" section on your platform and click on "save changes". You will quickly see data from Elium in your Google Analytics account.

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