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Participate to Answer's beta
Participate to Answer's beta
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What is Answer?

Answer allows users to ask questions on the knowledge base and get an answer using artificial intelligence. Answer is available from Elium's web interface, via Slack and soon Teams.

Basically, a new crystal ball icon appears to the right of the search bar. By clicking on it, the user can ask a question. Artificial intelligence searches the knowledge base on the user's behalf, answering the question directly when possible.

The contents used to generate the response are displayed at the bottom of the response.

How can I take part in the beta?

We're looking for customers interested in testing Answer. Our aim is to roll out the solution gradually. If you'd like to take part in the beta, please send us an email to with the following information:

  1. The spaces in which Answer must search. Initially, we prefer to limit Answer to certain key areas. Ideally, these spaces should contain content in native format (Answer doesn't yet search in files), with dense, up-to-date information. Choose between 1 and 3 spaces.

  2. The list of participating users. Like spaces, we prefer to activate Answer for certain key users to begin with. These users should be aware of Answer's current limitations. Maximum 5 participants.

Once we've received the email, we'll activate Answer on your platform.

Please note that indexing content can take several hours.

Current limitations

Selected content is sometimes irrelevant. Of course, the algorithm will have to be improved over time.


Answer is under active development. Here's what we're working on at the moment:

  1. Teams integration. Ask Answer questions directly from Teams. No need to access Elium to benefit from the knowledge base!

  2. A brand new interface with the integration of the Command Center.

How can I give feedback?

You have some feedback on Answer? Perfect, that's what we're looking for! You send an email at and it will be dispatched to the product team. Thank you!

Data processing

To make Answer work, we have developed a partnership with Microsoft. We call up an API on Azure servers in Europe.

Your data remains stored on Elium servers. It transits to Microsoft Europe's servers to generate the vectors needed to run Answer's search and responses. Unlike a solution like OpenAI, which is free of charge, your data cannot be used to enhance Microsoft's artificial intelligence models.

Costs and pricing

Of course, using these models comes at a cost to Elium.

We're still considering the pricing associated with this new functionality, particularly as we don't yet have enough data to measure the impact on the cost of our infrastructure. Model access prices change regularly, and Answer is not yet widely deployed.

We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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