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⚠️ The creation of a personalized mobile application is an additional service.

What are we talking about?

Elium provides a mobile application on iOS and Android that allows users to connect to their Elium platform. This application has Elium's branding.

We offer the possibility to customize this mobile application to align it with your company's branding.


It is possible to customize the following items:

  • App name

  • Icon

  • Splash screen

  • Description of the mobile app on the web app

Note: We are talking about branding customization, not functionality.

With its own name and icon aligned to your web platform, the application is much easier to recognize on both the iOS and Android App Stores.

In addition to these customizations, we simplify the login method for your users. When using the generic application, the user must specify the URL of their Elium platform. When we create a custom mobile application, this step is no longer required.

The success rate of the connection is therefore much higher with a personalized mobile application (according to our analysis, nearly 50% of users do not know the URL of their Elium platform by heart).


  1. Contact your account manager to discuss the implementation of the customized mobile application

  2. We collect all the information and files necessary for its development (icon, desired name, description, etc).

  3. The application is developed. This takes between two and three weeks.

  4. The app is then deployed on the iOS and/or Android App Store according to your users' needs

  5. When the applications are published, we provide you with the download links. These can be forwarded directly to your users.

Assets Required

  1. The desired name (this will appear on the App Store). Usually the name of your web platform

  2. An icon in PNG format of 1024 x 1024px

  3. A PNG image of 2796 x 1290px for the launch screen


The deployment of applications is done in the following way.

On iOS

For Apple smartphones and tablets, the application is published in the "unlisted" mode on the App Store. Concretely this means that your application will be available via the public App Store but only through a secret link that we will give you.

The major advantage is that the installation is easy for your users, they can install your application like any other application on their smartphone. At the same time, your application is "incognito" on the App Store, it is not possible to find it by doing a search.

On Android

Since Android does not offer a solution similar to the iOS App Store, your application will be published in public mode. The application will be searchable. Of course, only your users will be able to connect to it.


Is it possible to deploy the application via the company's internal stores?

No, we do not offer this possibility. After several tests, it turned out to be extremely complex to implement.

Is it possible to put our application in public on the iOS App Store?

Apple does not allow enterprise restricted apps to be deployed in public mode, so it is not possible.

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