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Why a new interface?

Elium recently revamped the content editor with two goals:

  1. Make features more discoverable

  2. Make the editor easier to use

To do this, we have introduced new components. The left panel displaying an exhaustive view of the different blocks available, and a right panel that allows to have a view on the options available on the content, and the blocks.

Overview of the new editor interface

Blocks panel

The left panel allows quick access to all blocks available in the editor. Adding a block is done either by clicking or by dragging and dropping to the content.

Panneau des blocs sur la gauche.

Settings panel

The most important addition to this new interface is on the right. It is a multi-pane panel. The first pane, represented by the gear wheel, contains the settings for the content itself.

Pane #1 : Content's settings

From this pane, it is possible to :

  • Put a content in full width, so that it takes 100% of the available width of the screen

  • Automatically number titles, subtitles and sub-subtitles in the content, and consequently in the table of contents.

  • Edit the content thumbnail

  • Edit the related content

Pane #2 : Styles

The second pane concerns the styles of the text, but also of the blocks. When the contributor highlights a text or a block, all options will be displayed in this pane.

On a text, this pane allows to change the type of title, the formatting, the lists or the alignment of the text.

Example of options on a text

On an image block, it allows you to change the layout.

Example of options on a image

Pane #3 : Comments

The third pane gives access to the comments. This is useful for editing content while reading the comments of other users at the same time. This pane also allows you to write new comments and reply to existing comments.

Example of the third pane with comments.

Pane #4 : Shortcuts

Finally, the last section lists all the shortcuts available in the editor. Useful for improving efficiency and productivity!

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