Create tabs in space

Tabs allow you to extract content from your knowledge base.

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🔒 Permissions

The management of the tabs of a space is reserved for space administrators or system administrators.

The tabs allow you to add an additional level of navigation in the space. Setting up tabs have several benefits in using the tool:

  • Structure the information for the user

  • Provide interesting filtered views on content

  • Embed a website

  • Highlighting key content

  • etc.

How to create a tab?

Tabs can be modified and/or created

  • Either from the navigation bar

  • Either from the parameters of the space itself

manage tabs

The system provides two default tabs and allows administrators to create three other types of tabs.

How to manage tabs?

  1. Move, modify or delete existing tabs.

  2. Create new tabs by dragging or clicking.

  3. Introduce an additional navigation level by grouping tabs in a folder

  4. Insert a separator (space) between (groups of) tabs

  5. Save.

manage tabs

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