Create categories and tags

Tags help your structure your knowledge.

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🔒 Permissions

Only coordinators and system administrators can create and manage categories.

Create a category

  1. Click on 'Categories' from the administration interface.

  2. Then click on 'Create a category' and define the properties of your category.

créer une catégorie

créer une catégorie

From this interface you can also:

  1. Reorganize categories: to focus the tagging and search on some most important categories.

  2. Manage translations of tags from an Excel file.

  3. Edit the tags of the category, change the properties or remove the category.

  4. Download the list of categories and tags.

créer une catégorie

Removing a category will lead to deletion of the tags of this category. Move the tags to be kept beforehand to prevent deleting the tags.

Create your tags

Once your category has been created, you can add tags. These tags will be suggested to users when tagging content they are sharing.

Go to "Tags" tabs in the administration interface. There you can:

  1. Add one or more tags

  2. Establish synonymous tags

  3. Search for a tag, namely by specifying which category you want to search

  4. Sort the tags according to the various available columns

  5. Modify, merge or delete the tag

gestion des tags

💡 Note

End users can also create tags on the platform, click here to find out more.

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