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Microsoft Previewer
Microsoft Previewer

Activate the Microsoft Previewer to improve the rendering of your Office documents.

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🔒 Permissions

Access to the lab is restricted to system administrators.

When you go to the lab, you have the possibility to activate an alternative preview for the display of Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

The card in the Lab

The main advantage of this previewer is that it renders Office documents natively. Officially from Microsoft, it offers a more faithful rendering of the documents, unlike the original Elium previewer, which goes through a conversion to PDF format.

Rendering example

Rendering with the Microsoft previewer of a file in Excel format. The tabs of the different sheets are available and the navigation is adapted.

When should I active this?

If you work with a lot's of PowerPoint, Excel or Word documents in Elium, this previewer will help you. You'll enjoy a better reading experience on all your documents.


There are two main limitations to this previewer.

  1. All documents are sent to Microsoft servers. If you want total control over your data, this is a consideration. Note: If you are using Office365, your documents may already be on Microsoft's servers in one way or another.

  2. Only files smaller than 5MB can be previewed, due to the transfer to Microsoft's servers.

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