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Can we get an export from Elium? In what form?
Can we get an export from Elium? In what form?
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We guarantee our customers the absolute recovery of all content that were stored by users in their own environment for whatever reason : for archival or backup purposes throughout the life cycle of the project or its end of life, for reusing or reinjecting these data in another device.

The usual procedure is to export all data on the mutually agreed date. We then give you a link to download your data and once you confirm that you have received the information, we permanently close the platform and remove all content.

The export you receive contains JSON data and a corresponding archive with all files attachments.

  • The JSON data includes all metadata relative to objects such as type of content, title, tags, comments, users, etc.

  • Each content (document/webpage/..) is disclosed under a "hash code" which corresponds to the physical file in the tree structure.

  • Each folder is titled with the hash code first two letters (i.e 0.0, 0A).

  • The tree structure contains all files in their original format. Filenames are changed to avoid conflicts. A Word document keeps its extension, a PDF document stays a .pdf. The original name of the document is available in the JSON data.

Elium undertakes to transmit this kind of export to its customers when they stop collaboration. However, in order to reuse this information, programming needs to be done and this process requires IT skills. It is up to the customer to make data equivalence if he wants to use these documents in another system.

Here's an example export you can download for test purposes.

You can ask for an export at

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