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Can we rely on an internal corporate directory?
Can we rely on an internal corporate directory?
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We must distinguish the internal directory (typically an Active Directory or LDAP) to the concept of centralized authentication (Single-Sign-On or SSO):

Yes, Elium allows you to create users automatically from an internal directory or simply an Excel file that contains at least the email address of the user, but also pre-fill profile by name, first name, photo, skills, etc. This is done primarily at the beginning of the project or when inviting a large number of users.

Yes, Elium offers SSO connectors for SAML2 identity and OpenID providers (eg standard supported for example by ADFS). Such a connector allows an identified user to switch seamlessly in Elium without having to enter any login and password. Elium will recover some information related to that user within the same transaction.

To learn more about the procedure, contact our support team.

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