How to share a file?
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Elium enables you to share files in the most common formats which are recognized and indexed: pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx. All these files are subject to immediate pre-visualization in the tool. Desktop documents and pictures are automatically converted and legible from the interface. Every document is available for download in its original version.

💡 Note

The size limit of a file is 2 Gb. Downloading a large file may take some time, and if a video is involved its conversion needs some minutes processing before it can be streamed online.

Sharing a file

Using the predefined Story type "File", upload any kind of file using the Share button.

  1. Click to upload a file or drag & drop it in the main asset zone.

  2. Modify the title if necessary.

  3. Share your thoughts related to this content, add a mention to mobilize your collaborators. In this body, you can define many other elements to enrich your Story.

  4. Adapt or fill in additional information (publication date, source, etc) depending on available fields.

  5. Add a thumbnail which will appear in the activity feed and in the search.

  6. Save it as draft or publish it.

  7. Define the space where to share it.

  8. Apply tags of your choice.

💡 Note

Elium has a function for version management to update files, while preserving the history of the versions.

💡 Note

You can also send files to Elium using your usual mailbox. Visit your "Preferences" section to learn more.

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