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Can we co-edit a story on Elium?
Can we co-edit a story on Elium?
Updated over a week ago

Real time co-edition is not available on Elium, two users cannot edit story at the same time.

However, you can manage co-creation using the "Drafts". When saving a story as a draft, you can invite other users to contribute, add information or either verify the content.

💡 Note

  • It's important that you save the story in a space in order to create a collaborative draft. If you save the draft in your personal content, it would be considered as a personal draft and you will not be able to invite other contributors. On the left of the platform's landing page, you will find a tab to access your draft list.

  • Elium has a function for version management to update files, while preserving the history of the versions.

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