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Is it possible to activate a disclaimer on Elium?
Is it possible to activate a disclaimer on Elium?
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Yes, we have a dedicated Disclaimer Tab in the advanced section of the administration panel.


You can customize your disclaimer and display it in different languages if needed.

How does it work?

Once activated, users will see the disclaimer page when logging on the platform. They won't be able to access the platform without giving consent.


Disclaimer settings


  1. Choose the language of the disclaimer, and if needed, you can write it in different languages

  2. Write the disclaimer text in the dedicated box

  3. You can click on the option "Reset disclaimer content for all users" if you've updated it to require approval again from all users, even the ones who accepted the previous version

  4. Click on the button in the top-right hand corner to activate it

  5. And as always, don't forget to save changes

Some examples of User guide and Disclaimer:

EXAMPLE N°1 Welcome! Efficient knowledge sharing and collaboration are recognized by [Name of the company] managers as a key to increased performance and continuous success. [Platform name] aim is to increase work efficiency through improved communication and collaboration. Now that you have signed up, please acknowledge the next section and take 10minutes to follow the 4 steps below to make it professionally useful andrewarding!

Do not post anything that will reflect poorly on you, your colleagues.

Please use common sense when posting and refer to the current policies.

Please keep in mind that hosts confidential information. Ensure not to diffuse them without explicit authorization.

With that being said, please engage and have fun, and participate.

The 4 steps :

  1. Create your profile: A completed profile lets your colleagues know who you are, what your expertise is, explains your role in the company, and how they can contact you. Don’t forget a profile picture for increased conviviality!

  2. Join spaces of relevance: The spaces aim to help sharing information among people of a same project, service/department or who share a common objective.

  3. Subscribe and define notifications: You can follow news linked to spaces,tags or people. Notifications by e-mail or RSS feed will be generated. Spam is a personal choice! Adjust your alerts based on your immediate priorities for increased personal efficiency.

  4. Add Knowledge Plaza and the Bookmarklet to your toolbar!You are now ready to enrich the spaces!


  1. [Company name] Network is a collaborative platform for exchanging experience and knowledge, which is reserved to members of the network

  2. The role of the platform is to enable the sharing of information and the exchange of practices within the network through communities of thematic interests as well as to enable members to access [Company name]' resources that are reserved to them.

  3. [Company name] Network is a private platform for professional use. Access is reserved to [Company name] network members: members, partners and staff.

Users have a personal profile with which they can express their views in their own name. Opinions that are expressed and contents that are shared are the sole responsibility of the authors and not the responsibility of the organisation they represent or of [Company name].

  1. Users are invited to contribute to [Company name] Network by making comments and sharing documents in various forms: questions, documents, video clips, etc.

In order to ensure coherence, we ask you to make sure that the information you share is related to [Company name]' area of work.

  1. As an example, but not limited to the following, by using the [Company name] Network platform you commit to abstain from:

  • Disclosing to the public or to third parties exchanges or contents from the platform without having been expressly authorised by [Company name] and/or the author of the said content.

  • Using, downloading or otherwise copying, or providing (either free of charge or for a fee) to a person or an entity all or part of the contents available on [Company name] Network and reserved to [Company name] members (e.g. [Company name] publications and practice sheets).

  • Gathering in any way information on others, including messaging addresses.

  • Promoting or offering for sale or purchase any good or service with a commercial purpose.

  • Publishing or making available online any inappropriate element that offends religious or ethical beliefs and/or is defamatory, obscene, indecent or illicit.

  • Defaming, insulting, harassing, stalking or threatening anyone, nor violating the rights of others in any way (including individual rights and the right to privacy).

  • Downloading or making available in any other way documents that contain images, photographs, software or any other element protected by intellectual property including copyright and trademarks (or by individual rights including the right to privacy), unless you own these rights, or have explicit control over these rights, or are in possession of all the necessary authorisations.

  • Transferring documents that contain viruses, corrupt files, or any other software or programme that may damage the operation of another's computer.

  • Downloading any file uploaded by another [Company name] Network user although you know (or should know) that such reproduction, dissemination, representation and/or distribution are illicit.

  • Breaching applicable laws and regulations.

[Company name] reserves the right to delete without notice any content or user that breaches the above mentioned rules.

  1. [Company name] undertakes to not divulge to third parties without previous authorisation information and data shared on [Company name] Network. Should a user wish to unsubscribe from the platform (or is unsubscribed by [Company name]), [Company name] is authorised to keep this user's contributions. These can be made anonymous if the user so requests.

  2. The data gathered is necessary for your registration on the platform. Data is processed electronically and is used by the secretariat of the association. Pursuant to articles 39 and following of the modified French law of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify your data. If you wish to exercise that right and access your data, please contact [Company name] secretariat at the following email address.

If you have any question or comment about the [Company name] Network User Charter, do not hesitate to send an email to communication@[Company name].com

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