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Search on Sharepoint from Elium
Search on Sharepoint from Elium

Add SharePoint databases to search results.

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🔒 Permissions

Only administrators can enable and configure this integration. Adding SharePoint database access may require special rights to these databases.

What are we talking about?

This integration allows you to connect SharePoint databases to Elium. When a user launches an advanced search, Elium will perform that search on the SharePoint databases in addition to the content found on Elium.

Use Cases

This integration is particularly interesting if you want to use Elium as the central knowledge platform, but still have documents that are or need to remain on SharePoint for reasons specific to your organization.

Activate the Integration

The activation of this integration is done via the "Integration" tab of the platform's administration panel. Once the integration is activated, you will be asked to authenticate to SharePoint. You will then have access to the integration configuration.

In the example above, two databases have been connected "Customer Success" and "Engineering". These databases will be available to users as a tab in the advanced search.

How does it work?

Once configured, Elium will automatically run searches in parallel on your Elium platform and connected SharePoint databases.

The databases are displayed as a tabs in the search.

In the example above, the user has run a search with the keywords "terms conditions". By clicking on the "Customer Success" tab, the user accesses the results of the search on the database of the same name, while remaining in Elium.

About Permissions

The integration with SharePoint respects user rights. For this reason, users must authenticate to SharePoint via Elium before they can access search results from SharePoint databases. Searches are then performed with the user's SharePoint credentials.

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