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About available Slack - Elium Integrations

There are currently two available Slack integrations

  • Capture: The first allows users to automatically capture knowledge shared in Slack and publish it easily in Elium.

  • Spread: The second empowers users to instantly notify teammates in Slack, about content published in Elium.

Integration 1: Capture knowledge from Slack and publish it in Elium automatically

What does this integration do?

This integration is particularly helpful in ensure no important knowledge shared by your teams in one of Slack's channel is lost. Also, it providers users with a simple way to publish this knowledge in Elium, eliminating the tedious copy & paste process.

How to set-up this integration as an administrators?

In order to enable this functionality for all your users you need to:

  1. Go to your Slack Administration panel

  2. Choose the Manage Apps section

  3. And then enable Elium to integrate with Slack.

Please note that in order to be able to push both text and files to Elium, you need to invite Elium as an application in every Slack channel from which you want to push content.

How to set-up this integration as a user on your Slack account?

Publishing knowledge (text and files) from Slack to Elium is done in a matter of seconds with some few clicks. Prior to this however, the user also has to do a set up of its own.

  1. Scroll over a message to capture and tap on the 3 dots on the right to access Advanced Settings.

  2. Select Add to Elium and give Elium permission to access the workspace and capture messages shared.

  3. Tap Allow.

How to push knowledge from Slack to Elium once everything is set-up?

Once both the Administrator and User set-ups are ready, users can start pushing content from Slack to Elium. This is how it is done:

  1. Scroll over the message to capture and tap on the 3 dots to access "More Actions" section.

  2. Tap on Add to Elium.

  3. Give a title to the Content using the field - Content Title.

  4. Attribute the new content to a Space using the pre-defined list of available spaces in your Elium platform.

  5. And tap Submit.

After that, your content will be available to Elium members of the space in which you save the content.

Integration 2: Automatically send messages in Slack based on activities in Elium

What does this integration do?

This integration allows Elium users to be automatically notified of new knowledge published. It ensures that your team, which spends most of its day communicating in Slack is instantly notified of the trusted content published in Elium.

How to set-up this integration as an administrator?

To setup an integration in Slack you will need to approve appropriate permissions. Here it is how to set it up:

  1. In the Admin Panel, select the Integration tab. You will be taken to the Lab.

  2. From here, in the Slack integration card, click on Setup integration button. This button will trigger the installation process. You’ll have to login in Slack and install the application into your Slack workplace.

3. Decide the Mapping between channels and Spaces in Elium

To finish the set-up of this integration, you have to decide for each Space what is the Slack channel where automatic updates will be sent.

Configuration of Slack

As an example, once this step is done, every time a user is publishing a content in Administration - Other spaces, an instant notification will be send in the Slack channel called #general.

This is how users will see the instant update in one of your Slack channels.

The integration as the rest of the app comply with our privacy policies: We recieve that from slack but we only store user ID to match with an elium user as well as content and files sent via the "Send to elium" feature.

You can contact your instance DPO in or support to know more or request deletion of your data.

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