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About this integration

The Workplace integration allow you to unfurl content from Elium in Workplace. Workplace users will have a preview of the Elium content in their feed.

📝 Notes

The Workplace integration is only available on the Enterprise plan. To know what your current plan is, go to the Admin Panel then in the Billing section select the Plans tab. Your plan is highlighted.

Setup the integration

In the admin panel, select the Integration tab. In the Workplace integration card, click on the setup button. This button will trigger the installation process. You’ll have to login in Workplace. Workplace will ask for your password even if you are already logged in.


To setup an integration in Workplace you’ll need the appropriate permissions.

Share your content in Workplace

To share any content from Elium to Workplace simply copy / paste the URL in the Workplace sharebox. Workplace will then automatically unfurl the content and display a nice preview of the content.


📝 Notes

Elium permissions on content are preserved. In order to see the content preview, users on Workplace will have to authenticate themselves on Elium. This is required to ensure that only people who have access to the content will see the preview.

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