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Integrations with Microsoft Teams
Integrations with Microsoft Teams

There are several integrations with Microsoft Teams. This article lists their possibilities.

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🔒 Permissions

Only system administrators have access to Microsoft Teams integrations. In order to use these integrations, administrators must also have the necessary rights in Teams.

All Microsoft Teams integrations are available from the "Lab" tab of the administration panel, under the "Advanced" section.

In the box dedicated to Microsoft Teams, there are two integrations.

Push Notifications

The first integration allows messages to be sent to a Microsoft Teams channel as soon as an activity is detected on Elium.

The activities that can trigger a message are the following:

  • A new comment

  • A new content

  • A new version of a content

To push a message into Teams, you need to link an Elium space to a Teams channel.

To do so, use the form available at the top of the box.

Form to connect an Elium space to a Teams channel.

Start by choosing the space, then a team and a channel.

This way you can link as many spaces and channels as you want. When a link no longer makes sense, you can simply click on the "Delete" button.

Embed Elium in Teams

The second possibility is to include Elium tabs in Teams channels.

To do this, go to the same tab "Lab" of the administration panel.

From the Teams dedicated panel, you can inject an Elium tab into a Teams channel via the form.

Form to add an Elium tab in a Teams channel.

Start by choosing a space, and then a tab. Then choose a Teams team and a channel for that team. By validating, a new tab will appear in the Teams channel with the Elium tab.

It is possible to remove these tabs at any time from Elium or Teams.

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