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Biometric authentication
Biometric authentication
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To guarantee an additional level of security, it is possible to activate biometric authentication on the mobile application.

To activate this feature, go to the administration panel, in the security tab.

Click on the switch on the right to activate biometric authentication.

When this feature is active, the mobile application will ask the user for access to the biometric authentication module of their smartphone.

In all cases, the user will also be asked for a five-digit pin code. This will be requested if the smartphone does not have a biometric module, or if biometric module failed to authenticate the user correctly (if the user is wearing gloves for example).

Once this is done, just like the banking applications, the user will have to authenticate himself either via the biometric means set up or via his five-digit PIN code at each launch of the application.

Therefore, even if the user's smartphone is stolen when unlocked, the malicious person will not be able to access the content of the Elium platform.

Exemple d'une identification via Face ID sur iOS.

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