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All added contents in Elium can be easily searched because of the full-text indexing.

The user can access libraries in many ways

  • the global library by launching a cross-functional search

  • the library of a space or part of a space (via a tab)

  • the library of a user from his/her profile

By means of many combinable filters the libraries make it very easy for users to find a shared Story.

Library view


Consult the library and filter the information on

  • spaces

  • groups of spaces

  • tags

  • templates

  • categories of tags

  • contributors

  • First Publication date

  • additional filters linked with the status of the Story

You can realise several different actions:

  1. Select a sorting order

  2. Create an alert

  3. Use one of the additional filters (filter only on content, identify drafts, archived content, etc)

  4. Filter on content types, spaces or groups, contributors, etc.

  5. Activate one or more tags and/or categories

  6. Use a specific command to realise advanced searches.

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