Disabling and deleting users
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In Elium a user cannot personally remove or disable his/her account. Only a system administrator has the possibility to disable a profile.

Disable a user account

What are the consequences?

  • A disabled user cannot sign in anymore.

  • He/she is invisible on the platform.

  • His/her profile record is archived.

  • His/her contributions are kept with a symbol indicating he/she has been disabled.

This option is available from the 'Options' menu, 'Users' tab, in the administration interface.

options sur les utilisateurs

📝 Notes

A disabled user can be re-enabled at any time.

Delete a user account

In order to be GDPR compliant, it is also possible to permanently delete a user.

  1. Disable the user's account

  2. Click again in the "Options" menu of the "Users" tab in the administration interface

  3. Click on "Delete permanently "

  4. A pop-up window will open to confirm the final deletion action

  5. By clicking on "OK", the user's profile will be permanently deleted

options sur les utilisateurs


This action is absolutely irreversible. Once a user is deleted all the personal information is completely deleted from our database and cannot be recovered.

📝 Notes

This action only deletes the user’s personal data and not the content or activity of the user on the platform. If you wish to delete the content or activity of that user - you will need to do it manually.

📝 Notes

The user profile will now be shown with the username “Deleted User” and will not having any profile details. But important to note that anywhere a user was mentioned will still show the user name as it used to before.

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