Manage teams
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🔒 Permissions

  • Teams are available for Corporate and Enterprise plans.

  • Teams are under the exclusive management of system administrators.

Teams are lists of users that allow the administrator to:

  • mention all team members at once (only if they are member of the given space)

  • manage spaces affiliations

  • and shared alerts.

This way, a user added to a team is automatically affiliated to the spaces to which the team is affiliated. The behavior is the same for shared alerts.

📝 Notes

  • The number of teams is not limited

  • There is no limit to the number of members affiliated to teams

How to create a team?

Via the settings of the platform, on the "Teams" tab:

  1. Click on "Create Team".

  2. Give this team a name.

  3. When your team is created, click on "Members" to select the users to add to the team

💡 Idea

The "Teams" functionality, combined with SSO and custom profile fields, can be very powerful in managing affiliations and content diffusion more easily.

Wherever possible, users can be automatically added to teams based on information reported by the SSO, and as a result automatically find themselves affiliated with defined spaces and alerts.

Contact our support for more information.

📝 Notes

  • A member of a team affiliated to a space no longer has the option to manually leave that space (the Exit icon does not appear).

  • These teams are only visible to the system administrator.

  • If a user is already affiliated to a space, it may still be part of a team that is affiliated to the space too. In this case, it will inherits from the highest role attributed, either the individual role or the team role.

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