Modifying users
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🔒 Permissions

Creating users is a right reserved for system administrators.

You can access a series of options dedicated to user management from the administration interface.

Modifying users' details

With this option you can change:

  • name fields

  • login

  • email

  • system role of a user

Managing users' affiliations

There are various ways to manage the affiliations to spaces and users' roles in these spaces.

Show QR code of the mobile application

With this option, the system generates a user-specific QR code to connect to the mobile application. This will allow you to send it to a user who does not have access to his QR Code. Warning, this code is only valid for 48 hours

Defining a password

If a user has problems to log in, the administrator can generate an email for resetting the password to the user or determine a temporary password.

Disable a user

You can deactivate and then permanently delete a user from the platform.

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