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Group of spaces
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If your platform contains a large number of spaces, it might be useful to organize them into groups for better guidance of users on the platform.

🔒 Permissions

Organizing spaces in groups is a right reserved for system administrators and is only available for "Corporate" and "Enterprise" plan.

Create a space group

A group can be created either:

During the creation of a space

  1. Go to the platform settings under the "Spaces" tab

  2. Click on "Create a space"

  3. Click on the section Group and choose to create a new one

create group

From the settings of a space

create group

Renaming and translating a group of spaces

To rename or translate a group of spaces you have to go back to the group and access its settings.

  1. Click on "See all" in the navigation bar

  2. Select the group you want to edit

  3. Click on the setting wheel next to the group name

  4. Rename/translate the group. You can also change the look and feel of the group

create group

Manage groups of spaces

To reorder or delete group of spaces you have to go to the General > Spaces page in the administration panel and to click on the "Manage space groups" option available.

A modal will appear, letting you drag and drop the group of spaces to reorder them. You can also delete a group by clicking on the cross icon on the right.

Reorder spaces

Once you've created a group of spaces, you can rearrange the order by selecting the "Reorder Spaces" option available via the three little dots on the main sidebar or in the group settings.

Reorder spaces

📝 Notes

When created, spaces are ordered alphabetically. When you review the order, all new spaces will be put automatically put at the end of the list of spaces.

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