Setting a space
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🔒 Permissions

Only system or space administrators can manage the settings and properties of a space.

There are three access paths to the settings of a space:

  • The navigation menu and the space header provide an in-depth overview of the settings of this particular space

  • while the general settings offers an overview of the settings for all spaces

Space settings via the navigation menu or space header

To access the space options via the space header, click on ⚙️ at the top of the space.

Space header

To access the space options via the navigation menu:

  1. go over the space menu on the left

  2. click on the three little dots of the space

  3. an option panel will be displayed like shown below

Navigation menu

Here is the list of the different settings options available via the space header and the navigation menu:

  • General: as the name suggests, you can edit here the general settings of the space (name, description, introduction...) including permissions and notifications.

  • Members: to manage space members

  • Look & Colors: to change the appearance of the space and enable/disable social boxes

  • Tabs: to notify and/or add navigation tabs to your space

  • Imports: to manage the different imported files in this space

Space settings via General settings

Space settings

To access the space options via General settings:

  1. click on your profile picture at the top-right corner

  2. select Settings

  3. under General on the left, click on Spaces

From here, you can see the settings of all the spaces at once:

  • Members: to manage space members

  • Edit: to edit the general settings such as name, description, type, default space and default role. If you want to edit the permissions and notifications, you'll need to use the settings of the navigation menu or of the space header.

  • Close: if a space is no longer relevant, you can close it. Contrary to the 'delete' option, you can choose to reopen it whenever you want without losing any content.

  • Delete: deleting a space will delete all the associated content. Be careful with this option.

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