Close and delete spaces
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🔒 Permissions

Closing or removing a space is a right reserved for administrators of the space and for system administrators.

An administrator has the possibility from the platform settings:

  1. to close a space

  2. to delete a space

fermer ou supprimer un espace

Closing a space

This will result in:

  • the space no longer being presented for contribution: it is therefore not possible anymore to post in this space

  • no longer allowing access to the space, even if the user was a member (it disappears from navigation)

  • maintaining access to contents in a search for all those who were members of the space

📝 Notes

Closing a space does not automatically archive the contents of this space, this is a later action that can be performed with bulk actions.

Deleting a space

This results in:

  • making the space disappear completely from the platform. To perform this action, all content must be cleared from the space beforehand.

📝 Notes

In certain cases there may be an error message at removal, although the space seems to be empty. Some draft, archived or invalid content is perhaps still present. Use the proper filter in the library of the space to find and treat it.

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