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Resharing a story is one of the many ways to make knowledge easily accessible to other users on Elium. When you come across a Story that is valuable, you can choose to reshare it in other spaces and spread its visibility.

Resharing a content

  • Resharing a content will generate a new comment thread, new likes and new content statistics.

  • Tags across the entire platform will be kept on the content but the user will have the possibility to add new tags.

  • The badge "Reshare" will appear at the top of the story, signaling everyone that this is a reshared content.

To reshare a content, click on Share at the top of the Story and select the space in which you want the story to be shared.

⛔️ Warning

Reshared contents are deleted when the original content is deleted. When deleting an original content that has been reshared in other spaces, a warning will pop up to signal that the reshared contents will also be deleted with this action.


Reshare badge

Editing a reshared content

Any changes made to the original content will be reflected in all spaces where the content has been reshared. To edit reshared content, the user must always return to the original content.

Once you shared the Story, you can at any time:

  • come back to the original content

  • edit the comment you left when you reshared the content


Reshared story with nested content

If a reshared content contains links to other contents with restricted access, it is necessary to reshare those other contents in the same space so all users can have access to it.

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